My Web Design

Web DesignHere's what I offer: A fully-functional, professional website tailored to fit your specific needs. I don’t limit my design jobs to just ranch/farm company websites and food websites, though these are my areas of expertise. I am excited to try any design job you might need done, and I make your satisfaction my number one priority. I believe in communicating closely with clients and making certain that the website is exactly what you want it to be. So please feel free to ask about any design you need done. I would be happy to help.

About Me: Linnaea Elzinga

About MeHere I'm a photographer and web designer. At home I'm a sister, student, ranch girl, and scribbler. On my blog I'm a baker, rambler, and foodie. In real life? I'm quiet, sometimes sarcastic, and never without an extra ponytail holder.